How E-commerce Strategies Build a Better Customer Relationship

10 E-commerce Strategies for Building a Better Customer Relationship

One of the secrets of blooming in online business is having a perfect relationship with your customers. As much as buyers usually look for high-quality products and services, the way you treat them matters a great deal. It will determine whether they will be willing to shop from your e-commerce store again and refer their friends to you or not. Establishing a long-lasting relation built on trust is a hard nut to crack. This is because of the high competition in the market with every business owner toiling so hard to win customers. Better still, there are several strategies that you can employ to build a good customer relationship. This article explains how this can be achieved.

1. Good Customer Care

This is one of the best strategies to create a good reputation for your e-commerce business. The fact that you really care about your customers really impresses them. Customer care is expressed in responding to queries, complaints, and feedback on time. Every customer wants to be treated well. Setting up a good customer care channel or platform will enable you to build a good relationship with them.

2. Good Customer Service

This entails all the activities you do to make sure the online transaction is complete. A good customer service should leave the customer fully satisfied and eager to purchase again in the future. The etiquette you show when communicating with customers, the punctuality you keep when meeting, timely shipping, and quality products are some of the things showing good customer service. Serving customers well put a smile on their face, giving them a reason to shop from your store again.

3. Good Content

Some of the online marketing strategies include websites, blogs, facebook pages, Instagram pages, and other social media platforms. Publishing detailed and eye-catching content on these platforms attracts prospective customers who may later turn into buying ones. It is the content that will determine whether they will be interested in your products or not. You can include appealing pictures, videos, animations, and other graphics on your e-commerce page in order to catch the attention of potential buyers and establish a relationship with them.

4. Special Offers

Customers love discounts. They will choose to buy from your e-commerce store if you offer discounts on products. For previous customers, it is a good idea to offer a discount every time they shop at your business website. This makes them fully attached to you and your products. They will always be aspiring to shop again and again. This also gives you an advantage of getting new customers that may be referred to you. Other offers like free shipping, free gifts, and free samples can also help you have a trusted relationship with your customers.

5. Handling Comments in a good way

When selling online, you will meet all kinds of people; satisfied customers, unsatisfied customers, prospective customers, and window shoppers. Having good comments on your site is a plus for your business. Nevertheless, having comments that express unsatisfactory services can scare future buyers from you. All that matters is how you respond to them. Replying in an assuring tone can retain customers for you. For example, apologizing for the late delivery and an assurance to improve creates a sense of trust in customers, making them want to buy from you.

6. Paying Attention to Feedback

Good customers always give back their feedback concerning the services they receive from you. It is prudent to put them into your mind and work on the negative ones. Taking feedback seriously helps you to avoid future mistakes, ensuring satisfaction for all your customers. Satisfied customers will always buy from you again and again.

7. User-friendly Homepage

When creating a website for your e-commerce business, put in mind that different types of people will access it. This means that you should ensure friendliness across all kinds of customers. Make its usability simplified in such a way that products can be accessed easily. In addition, the ordering option should be clearly displayed as well as the customer support option. Ensure that contact details are conspicuous to save customers some headache. This will make customers enjoy navigating on your website, building a relationship with you.

8. Direct Engagement on Social Media

Social media platforms are the major online marketing tools. Here, you post content concerning your products on the pages. Once potential customers comment, make sure you reply and engage them in a conversation. Talk to them in a mature and convincing way that will leave them trusting you and aspiring to purchase your goods. Engaging them also builds up their confidence and a sense of importance. You can also give them your business contacts and an assurance of quality services. As a result, other potential customers may also go through your conversation and decide to buy from you.

9. Regular Updates

When creating a website for your business, include a link through which your customers can sign up for regular updates. They can enter their emails and passwords which should remain private and confidential. Once they sign up, keep sending them emails and newsletters explaining your concern for them and the new brands in store. Do not forget to include an option to unsubscribe from the updates. This will ensure a constant communication between you and your customers.

10. SEO Ranking

Occupying a top position on the Search Engine Optimization rank enables your customers to access your e-commerce website faster. Every time they search for your brand of items, your website will be the first one to appear, giving them a better reason to open it. Accessing your site is just the first step of buying since it is from there that they develop an interest in the products. You will have more customers with a top SEO rank. A good relationship will then build from the transactions done.


Having a strong relationship with your online customers puts your e-commerce business in a better position to beat the competition and occupy the biggest percentage of the market share. It is important to put in place suitable strategies that will enable you to build a relationship with your customers and also maintain it.

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