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If you are looking for the most fitting domain name for your upcoming tech venture, the .Tech domain extension might be the perfect choice for you. But why is the domain extension important in the first place? We should first understand what the right domain name can do for your online brand to answer this question.

In a world where a virtual presence is almost as necessary, if not more than a physical presence, your domain name and brand name go hand in hand. Having one consistent with your company name can help you gain more recognition online. As more and more potential customers search for you online, your domain name is the first thing they will come across. Therefore, choosing the right one is necessary to build the right first impression.

New domain extensions like .Tech make it easier for companies to achieve their online branding goals. Meant specifically for those with interests in the tech arena, .Tech is among the most popular new domain extensions to have emerged in the last few years.

Wondering if .Tech is right for you? Read on to learn why.

1. .tech is available

Finding the right domain name is no longer as simple as attaching a .com to the end of your domain name. Traditional domain extensions like .com, .net, and .biz have been around for decades, and thousands of domain names already exist on them, giving new entities a much smaller playing field.

In contrast, new extensions such as .Tech have only been around for a few years and are only now gaining popularity, which means fewer websites are using .Tech than those using one of the traditionals. Opting for a .Tech domain gives you a better chance of securing a domain name that is your first choice, such as If your company name has the word “tech” in it, you can even secure an exact match domain name for your website, which can be a considerable branding asset. After all, a perfect-match domain name is every online business’ dream come true, a feat that is hard to achieve in today’s hypercompetitive virtual namespace.

2. .tech is relevant

Generic domain extensions do not communicate anything about your brand. If you are a new business, you will need to add keywords to your domain name to let people know what to do. With a relevant and industry-specific domain extension like .Tech, your domain name becomes meaningful for customers and business stakeholders. People looking for tech solutions know that they have a chance of finding what they’re looking for on your website, whereas investors may see you as a promising tech startup worth investing in.

3. .tech enjoys a great brand

The word “tech” is associated with a passion for innovation, something your tech company wants to be known for. Including a powerful word in your domain name can be great for your branding. It puts you directly in the league of savvy, trendy, forward-thinking, and creative organizations changing the world with their revolutionary ventures in the tech world.

Moreover, the word is a universally understood one, so it automatically gives your innovative tech brand a much broader reach. You will even save marketing dollars because your highly contextual domain name has taken care of an entire layer of branding for you. As you will see later in the article, it is already being used by innovative brands all over the world to build a solid online presence

4. .Tech is memorable

A relevant domain extension like .Tech improves your odds of securing a shorter, simpler, and more brandable domain name for your tech business. By simply prefixing it with your domain name, you include a crucial and highly relevant keyword in your web address without occupying too much space. For instance, compare the domain names,, and Which one stands out to you the most? is short, unique, indicative of the company’s industry, and therefore, more memorable.

5. .Tech is versatile

.Tech is one of those rare domain extensions that are niche and versatile simultaneously. While relevant mainly to the tech industry, it can be used to express a wide range of interests in the field. It is a top choice of domain names for tech startups in green energy, telecommunications, software or hardware development, automobile, home gadgets and appliances, tech shows and events, gaming, farm tech, education tech, or space tech.

The .Tech domain extension can also be used by media organizations that cater to tech, blogs dedicated to technology, tech influencers, and tech thought leaders. It lends itself well to learning centers such as tech schools and universities.

6. .Tech is keyword rich

New domain extensions such as .Tech hold equal value to traditional domains in the eyes of search engines. But they can be more valuable because of the layer of relevance they add to your domain name as a branding tool. If there was ever a doubt in people’s minds about how much new domain extensions hold their own in front of the .coms and .nets of the world, Google put those doubts to rest in 2015 by saying that it treats all domain extensions the same.

But what are the real implications of having a keyword-rich domain name? With a meaningful and memorable domain extension like .Tech, your website will automatically attract more relevant organic traffic. The more relevant the traffic, the more time visitors are likely to spend on your website and even make a purchase. This will boost your credibility in the eyes of search engines and help you garner more authority in your field.

Who is using .Tech?

As mentioned earlier, there are several influential organizations all over the world, both big and small, that have built memorable online brands with the .Tech domain extension. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, CES is the world’s biggest, most anticipated trade show. It showcases the best and the most innovative in consumer electronics. Some of the world’s biggest technological giants, such as Amazon, Sony, and Google, have used it to introduce their latest products.


Founded by barrister and entrepreneur Priya Lakhani, Century is an organization dedicated to improving the levels of learning in schools and colleges through a combination of technology and pedagogical techniques. It creates learning tools and resources for students and teachers in collaboration with education, technology, and neurosciences experts.

We Shape Tech is a community-led by Swiss women tech entrepreneurs that provides growth and networking opportunities to help women shatter the glass ceiling in the tech and innovation industry. It conducts regular meetups to facilitate knowledge transfer, generate social awareness and emphasize the importance of diversity in the technology field.

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington State, Stronger International provides customized information-technology security training, sensitive cybersecurity consulting, and cloud-based educational programs for security awareness and cybercrime prevention. It caters to corporates, government and military organizations, and educational institutions.

Shadow is a cloud-based program that grants subscribers access to a powerful, hi-tech Windows PC from any device. It allows you to run all your Windows software remotely, add on your favourite gear such as specialized keyboards, headsets, and game controllers and enjoy high-resolution streaming quality.

In conclusion

No matter your area of expertise, if technology is at the core of what you do, you can secure an on-brand, trendy and descriptive domain name on the .Tech domain extension to represent yourself online. It is a meaningful choice that can significantly boost your marketing efforts and help you build a strong, future-focused tech brand to reckon with.

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