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.ORG domain names are the choice for nonprofits, foundations, philanthropic entities, cultural institutions, and religious, civic, arts, social communities, sports and teams. Commercial organizations also benefit from using .ORG for philanthropic activities.

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.ORG — Advance Your Mission

.ORG is Trusted.

With .ORG, you are linked to a well-established brand of trust and integrity. .ORG is the first choice for organizations dedicated to serving the public interest.

.ORG is the Place for Communities.

When you register a .ORG domain name, you're registering much more than a name. You're linking your organization — your cause — to a worldwide community of organizations making the world a better place. Nonprofits, foundations, philanthropic and cultural institutions, religious, civic, arts, social and fraternal organizations, health and legal services, clubs and community volunteer groups ... if your activities are non-commercial, people expect you to be in the .ORG community.

.ORG is Popular and Recognizable.

.ORG's huge popularity has made it the most preferred Top Level Domain after .com and .net. And anyone can register a .ORG domain name.

.ORG Highlights Corporate Philanthropy Programs

Corporate social responsibility programs and foundations belong on .ORG. A .ORG domain name differentiates your philanthropic activities from your for-profit initiatives, and highlights the good work you are doing.

.ORG can Protect Your Brand.

Registering the .ORG version of your domain name keeps your online brand identity within your control. If you have .COM or another type of domain name, it's wise to register the equivalent .ORG name to prevent others from doing so.

.ORG can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Registering your .ORG provides additional opportunities for search engines to find you online, especially if you create a good quality website on it.


TLDMinimumMaximumSpecial charactersDuration (years)Privacy ProtectionDNSSECRenewal Grace periodRedemption Grace periodDeletion periodDomain LockingEPP CodeNotes
.org363Not supported10SupportedSupported40 days30 days5yesyes
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You can lookup the public records of any .org domain name by making use of our .org WHOIS Lookup Tool.

Accredited .org Registrar

Accredited .ORG Registrar

Web4Africa is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar and is certified by the .org domain registry (PIR) to offer .org domains.
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