Web4Africa’s Peering Policy

We maintain an open network peering policy.

Web4Africa (ASN 327813) is a pan-African content provider offering Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting services from 4 world-class datacentres in Africa.

We believe in a free and open web, while also seeking to implement the every best network engineering possible for the sake of all internet end-users. In addition to our customers’ content, we also host a lot of juicy open-source content for the good of the African Internet  eco-system.

In addition to the multitudes of end-user content we host, we also maintain robust open-source software mirrors at our points-of-presence in South Africa and Nigeria. More about our software mirrors below.

Thus, Web4Africa peers openly at two leading internet exchanges in Africa with more to follow soon:

Johannesburg Internet Exchange

We are present on Africa’s oldest Internet Exchange Point at 2 datacentres in Jo’burg.

NAP Africa Johannesburg

We are live on Africa’s largest and busiest Internet Exchange Point.

Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria

We are active at IXPN Lagos.

We exchange IPv4 and IPv6 routes, making use of BGP4. Peering at multiple mutual locations is preferred but not required.

The software we mirror include Operating Systems like CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian as well as server software like Apache, PHP plus end user software like VLC Player.

We are open to suggestions as to what can be useful for our Internet community. Email suggestions regarding the mirror to admin at mirror dot ng