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Managed WordPress Hosting

Web4Africa offers world-class hosting platform specifically designed to manage and support blogs, e-commerce stores, news portals and other websites powered by WordPress. Our plans are designed to support a variety of uses.

Disk Space5 GB10 GB25 GB50 GB
Limit1 blog/website2 blog/websites5 blog/websites10 blog/websites
Pricing in 🇺🇸 USD$7.7 / month$16.5 / month$27.5 / month$55 / month
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Main Features

SSD Hosting
Super-fast Disks
Our offering is powered by Solid State Drives, thus delivering very fast IOPs. In essence, your WordPress website(s) gets to load very fast for your users.
Free Domain Name
Free Domain
We offer a free domain name on annual payments, for the first cycle. These offer covers .blog, .press, .info and .ink domains for the 1st year.
Free WordPress Migration
Free Migration
We would assist with migrating an existing WordPress instance from other forms of Web4Africa Hosting or from other Web Hosts, for free.

Knowledgeable Support
We are WordPress users ourselves. Our extensive experience with the platform translates into useful guidance and in-depth support where necessary.
Automatic WordPress Updates
Automatic Updates
Our hosting platform is capable of automatically updating some installed themes and plugins as well as the WordPress instance.
WordPress Security
Tight Security
We harden the WordPress to guard against intrusions, while optimizing web firewalls on the hosting server, to guard against external attack attempts.

Why WordPress Hosting?

Why WordPress?

WordPress has evolved beyond being just a blogging platform and has become a complete Content Management System with all the bells and whistles possible. It is capable of just about any type of website: e-commerce, news, video, business etc.

WordPress today powers some of the busiest websites on the web.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a service where all technical aspects of running WordPress including security, speed, WordPress updates and website up-time are managed by the host. Small businesses, blogs with huge amount of traffic, and companies looking for enterprise WordPress hosting utilize the services of managed WordPress hosting. The key benefits of managed WordPress hosting are support, high performance, automatic backups, global reach, security, scalability and premium DNS. Managed WP hosting can handle very large amount of traffic and it caters to a very specific market by offering WordPress optimized servers.

Superior technical support is the first and foremost benefit of WordPress hosting and conventional managed WordPress hosting providers deal only with the WordPress platform. Reliable and knowledgeable support team is the unique selling proposition of managed WordPress hosting. Premium uptime monitoring is the principal benefit of leading managed WordPress hosting services. Many renowned WordPress hosting providers use innovative solutions like intercom instead of the ticket system of yesteryears. The entire technical team of managed WordPress hosting will be within our reach to handle any technical issues that may arise.

Web4Africa includes support to protect the site from hacking and malware. We have implemented active as well as passive measures to protect website from attacks. Some of the famous providers of managed WordPress hosting offer free tools for hack repair and malware removal. Security solutions of WordPress hosting providers are equipped with the software which detects DDoS attacks as they happen. An ideal WordPress hosting provider should offer two factor authentication and it is absolutely important to invest in secure WordPress hosting. Managed hosting solutions ensure that the WordPress site is always protected against the latest threats.

Global Reach
Managed WordPress hosting features larger infrastructure designed for global reach and the hosting locations of typical WordPress site include USA, Canada, and Asia Pacific. Placing the WordPress site closer to visitors decreases network latency and it ensures faster page load times. It has been reported that utilizing a content delivery network will speed up the media components of a WordPress site. The premium tier network of Google cloud platform is conceptualized to minimize distance and loops.

High Performance
The environment of managed WP hosting is designed to work with WordPress in a seamless fashion. Well known providers of WordPress host implement server level caching and full page caching. High performance WordPress host offers latest architecture and it utilizes the technologies of PHP 7, Maria DB, HTTP/2 and NGINX. Web4Africa offers WordPress Hosting on enterprise-grade hardware for the very best performance possible.

Automatic Backups
An ideal managed WordPress hosting provider includes automatic backups for no additional charges. Having backups will help us to save lots of time as we don’t have to mess up with backup plug-ins, CPanel, FTP and PHP My Admin.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

How to install WordPress Hosting?
WordPress is automatically installed on the account, once payment is made for WP Hosting. You simply need to install your preferred theme, plugins and you can start blogging, publishing news or whatever activity the website is intended for.

How to migrate to WordPress hosting?

Simply open a Support Ticket once your service has been set up. Our Support Team would assist with migrating your existing WordPress (whether it is hosted by Web4Africa or not) to our WP Hosting platform.

How much does WordPress Hosting cost?
We offer a range of plans that meet just about any requirement. Our pricing options for these plans are listed above.

How does WordPress Hosting work?

It involves a carefully managed environment for your WordPress to thrive. Our hardware and software are optimized for performance.

Can WordPress run on Windows Hosting?
Yes. Our Windows Hosting service can handle WordPress as well but this is a separate service from what is advertised on this web page.

Is WordPress Hosting worth it?

Absolutely, Yes. Our WP Hosting platform is designed and optimized for performance and security, even over and above a regular hosting plan. Thus the premium pricing marks a real-world difference.