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Enjoy Fast, Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting in Ghana.

We are live at the heart of the bustling city of Accra Ghana and from there, serve Ghana from a Tier-III data centre with a guaranteed power supply. Our transit provider in Accra peers extensively locally and in London (United Kingdom) thus offering us a very resilient network connectivity that we our services take advantage of. We support native IPv6 in Ghana.

Web Hosting Prices

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Disk Space2 GB10 GB20 GBunlimited
PricingGH₵ 11 / monthGH₵ 27.5 / monthGH₵ 41.25 / monthGH₵ 82.5 / month

Web Hosting in Ghana features
Backed by best-in-class hardware, a resilient dual-stack IP network and world-class Technical Support, Web4Africa offers a reliable Web Hosting service for your website with loads of features.

  • Free Domain Name*
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Basic Web Builder
  • Weekly Backups
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Super-fast Network
  • Enterprise-grade Hardware
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installs
  • Unlimited Addon Domains

We offer over 350 easy-to-install scripts, apps and web software. The popular ones include:

  • WordPress
  • AbanteCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla
  • phpBB
  • SMF
  • Open Real Estate
  • pH7CMS
  • MyBB
  • Dolphin
  • YetiForce

Local Hosting in Ghana

Web4Africa has the pleasure of announcing that clients are able to choose Ghana as a server location when ordering for Web Hosting and Virtual Server Hosting.Ghana Flag

From a certified Tiered-III data centre in Accra Ghana, we offer ultra-low latency and excellent connectivity to residents of Ghana. Depending on the location of your website's visitors, you can now choose Ghana as the location where your website is hosted.

Power and data connectivity are guaranteed. Your website's uptime is not compromised in any way by the location.

Web4Africa already offers world-class Web Hosting from premium data centres in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Virtual / Cloud Server Hosting in Ghana

Power your web site or web applications with our fast & powerful Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Our VPS Hosting service is a combination of the best hardware and powered by the most efficient software to make your website run effortlessly. You can choose from data centres in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa running CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Scientific, Suse, or Ubuntu Server.

 Managed ServerBasic ServerAdvanced Server
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FeaturesIdeal for regular hosting that requires more power. It is typically an upgrade from Shared Hosting.Perfect for the experienced Linux Server user who doesn't need a Windows Server or Advanced features.The Ultimate in VPS Hosting: Privacy, Stability, Security & supports a wider range of OS.
Free cPanel control panelChoose among 3 major Linux OSChoice of Linux or Windows OS

Domain Registration in Ghana

Enter your preferred domain above, without the .bio part.

Domain: .africa .online .com .space .site .website .store

.tech .ng .xyz .net .org .biz

Buy cheap domain name registration and pay in Ghana Cedis

Domain Name Prices in Ghana Cedis

.xyzGeneric, GeneralGHc66.00GHc66.00GHc66.00GHc412.50
.africaGeneric, Travel & GeographyGHc55 GHc137.50GHc137.50GHc137.50GHc357.50
.onlineGeneric, GeneralGHc33 GHc203.50GHc203.50GHc203.50GHc522.50
.comGeneric, GeneralGHc66.00GHc66.00GHc66.00GHc522.50
.spaceGeneric, GeneralGHc16.44 GHc124GHc124.00GHc124.00GHc412.50
.siteGeneric, GeneralGHc27.50 GHc176GHc176.00GHc176.00GHc522.50
.websiteGeneric, GeneralGHc27.50 GHc77GHc77.00GHc77.00GHc412.50
.storeGeneric, BusinessGHc41.19 GHc286GHc286GHc286GHc742.50
.techGeneric, TechnologyGHc41.19 GHc264GHc264GHc264GHc522.50
.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc172.86GHc172.86GHc172.86GHc22.00
.com.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc24.75GHc24.75GHc24.75GHc22.00
.accountantGeneric, FinancialGHc69 GHc154GHc69 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.artGeneric, Style & FashionGHc77.00GHc77.00GHc77.00GHc192.50
.archiGeneric, Home & ConstructionGHc93.50 GHc324.50GHc324.50GHc324.50GHc412.50
.asiaGeneric, Travel & GeographyGHc99.00GHc99.00GHc99.00GHc412.50
.barGeneric, Food & BeverageGHc341.50GHc341.50GHc341.50GHc357.50
.betGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.bioGeneric, EnvironmentGHc324.50GHc324.50GHc324.50GHc412.50
.bidGeneric, BusinessGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.blackGeneric, Style & FashionGHc253.00GHc253.00GHc253.00GHc412.50
.blueGeneric, Style & FashionGHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.blogGeneric, News & InformationGHc165.00GHc165.00GHc165.00GHc192.50
.buzzGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc192.50GHc192.50GHc192.50GHc412.50
.capetownGeneric, Travel & GeographyGHc69 GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc385.00
.ccCountry-Code, Cocos IslandsGHc176.00GHc176.00GHc176.00
.clubGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc110.00GHc110.00GHc110.00GHc192.50
.coCountry-Code, ColumbiaGHc165.00GHc165.00GHc165.00
.collegeGeneric, EducationGHc319.00GHc319.00GHc319.00GHc1567.50
.co.zaCountry-Code, South AfricaGHc33.00GHc33.00GHc33.00GHc137.50
.cricketGeneric, Sports & FitnessGHc69 GHc154GHc69 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.dateGeneric, Style & FashionGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.designGeneric, Style & FashionGHc82.50 GHc236.50GHc236.50GHc236.50GHc687.50
.durbanGeneric, Travel & GeographyGHc69 GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc385.00
.downloadGeneric, TechnologyGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc140.00GHc350.00
.earthGeneric, EnvironmentGHc101.25GHc101.25GHc101.25GHc427.50
.ecoGeneric, EnvironmentGHc325.00GHc325.00GHc325.00GHc375.00
.edu.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc142.85GHc142.85GHc142.85GHc22.00
.faithGeneric, OthersGHc41.25 GHc154GHc41.25 GHc154GHc154.00GHc375.00
.fansGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc357.50GHc357.50GHc357.50GHc412.50
.feedbackGeneric, BusinessGHc2145GHc2145GHc2145GHc1567.50
.fmCountry-Code, Federated States of MicronesiaGHc550.00GHc550.00GHc550.00GHc385.00
.funGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc126.50GHc126.50GHc126.50GHc522.50
.gov.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc157.13GHc157.13GHc157.13GHc22.00
.globalGeneric, GeneralGHc357.50GHc357.50GHc357.50GHc742.50
.greenGeneric, EnvironmentGHc357.50GHc357.50GHc357.50GHc577.50
.hostGeneric, TechnologyGHc467.50GHc467.50GHc467.50GHc632.50
.icuGeneric, News & InformationGHc16.50 GHc55GHc55.00GHc55.00GHc330.00
.infoGeneric, News & InformationGHc77.00GHc77.00GHc77.00GHc412.50
.i.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc27.50GHc27.50GHc27.50GHc22.00
.inkGeneric, News & InformationGHc137.50GHc137.50GHc137.50GHc440.00
.joburgGeneric, Travel & GeographyGHc69 GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc400.00
.kimGeneric, Style & FashionGHc27.50 GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.loanGeneric, FinancialGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.lottoGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc8937.50GHc8937.50GHc8937.50GHc412.50
.loveGeneric, Style & FashionGHc170.50GHc170.50GHc170.50GHc412.50
.menGeneric, Style & FashionGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc687.50
.meCountry-Code, MontenegroGHc110.00GHc110.00GHc110.00GHc412.50
.mobiGeneric, TechnologyGHc110.00GHc110.00GHc110.00GHc440.00
.mobi.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc24.75GHc24.75GHc24.75GHc22.00
.naCountry-Code, NamibiaGHc24750GHc24750GHc24750
.co.naCountry-Code, NamibiaGHc550.00GHc550.00GHc550.00
.com.naCountry-Code, NamibiaGHc3850GHc3850GHc3850
.org.naCountry-Code, NamibiaGHc3850GHc3850GHc3850
.nameGeneric, GeneralGHc66.00GHc66.00GHc66.00GHc440.00
name.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc6.87GHc6.87GHc6.87GHc22.00
.netGeneric, GeneralGHc66.00GHc66.00GHc66.00GHc440.00
.net.zaCountry-Code, South AfricaGHc33.00GHc33.00GHc33.00GHc137.50
.net.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc24.75GHc24.75GHc24.75GHc22.00
.oooGeneric, GeneralGHc41.19 GHc154GHc154GHc154GHc632.50
.orgGeneric, OthersGHc54.94 GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc440.00
.org.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc24.75GHc24.75GHc24.75GHc22.00
.org.zaCountry-Code, South AfricaGHc33.00GHc33.00GHc33.00GHc137.50
.partyGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.petGeneric, Home & ConstructionGHc27.50 GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.pinkGeneric, Style & FashionGHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.pokerGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc95.75 GHc253GHc253.00GHc253.00GHc412.50
.pressGeneric, News & InformationGHc352.00GHc352.00GHc352.00GHc522.50
.proGeneric, BusinessGHc99.00GHc99.00GHc99.00GHc412.50
.promoGeneric, Shopping & RetailGHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.protectionGeneric, BusinessGHc14300GHc14300GHc14300GHc192.50
.pwCountry-Code, PalauGHc123.50GHc123.50GHc123.50GHc192.50
.racingGeneric, Sports & FitnessGHc41.25 GHc154GHc41.25 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.redGeneric, Style & FashionGHc27.50 GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc93.50GHc412.50
.restGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc203.50GHc203.50GHc203.50GHc357.50
.rentGeneric, Home & ConstructionGHc319.00GHc319.00GHc319.00GHc1567.50
.reviewGeneric, News & InformationGHc41.25 GHc154GHc41.25 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.sch.ngCountry-Code, NigeriaGHc24.75GHc24.75GHc24.75GHc22.00
.scienceGeneric, EducationGHc41.25 GHc154GHc41.25 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.securityGeneric, BusinessGHc14300GHc14300GHc14300GHc192.50
.skiGeneric, Sports & FitnessGHc231.00GHc231.00GHc231.00GHc412.50
.streamGeneric, TechnologyGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.tradeGeneric, BusinessGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc412.50
.theatreGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc3162.50GHc3162.50GHc3162.50GHc192.50
.tubeGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc154.00GHc154.00GHc154.00GHc412.50
.tvCountry-Code, TuvaluGHc165.00GHc165.00GHc165.00GHc192.50
.ukCountry-Code, United KingdomGHc55.00GHc55.00GHc55.00GHc137.50
.co.ukCountry-Code, United KingdomGHc55.00GHc55.00GHc55.00GHc137.50
.me.ukCountry-Code, United KingdomGHc55.00GHc55.00GHc55.00GHc137.50
.org.ukCountry-Code, United KingdomGHc55.00GHc55.00GHc55.00GHc137.50
.unoGeneric, GeneralGHc82.50GHc82.50GHc82.50GHc412.50
.voteGeneric, Political & MilitaryGHc357.50GHc357.50GHc357.50GHc412.50
.web.zaCountry-Code, South AfricaGHc165.00GHc165.00GHc165.00GHc412.50
.webcamGeneric, TechnologyGHc41.25 GHc154GHc41.25GHc154.00GHc137.50
.wikiGeneric, News & InformationGHc165.00GHc165.00GHc165.00GHc440.00
.winGeneric, Fun & EntertainmentGHc27.50 GHc154GHc27.50 GHc154GHc154.00GHc400.00
Domain Name Prices in Ghana Cedis

Optional Addons

  • DNS Management
Manage advanced aspects of the .bio domain including A, AAAA, MX, TXT and other DNS records - with ease.
  • Domain Forwarding
Where necessary, you can choose to have traffic to your .bio domain forwarded to another web address.
  • WHOIS Privacy
This optional feature allows the private contact details of the domain owner to be hidden from the public WHOIS record.

Buy .africa domains

Buy .africa domains in Ghana

.AFRICA (dot Africa) is the Top-Level Domain Name system for the continent of Africa and open to registration by anyone anywhere, including Ghana. .africa domain names are available for registration from Web4Africa at affordable prices. Web4Africa is an Accredited .africa Domain Registrar.

Buy .africa domains

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Pay Conveniently in Ghana Cedis

Residents of Ghana can buy domains and hosting and pay via any of the support local payment methods including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Electron
  • gh-link supported cards
  • MTN MobileMoney
  • AirtelTigo Money
  • Vodafone Cash
  • V-Pay
  • Maestro