Great domain types for Photography

Perfect Domains for Photography

Dear graphic artists, photographers and photography entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, this article explains in detail, some domain name choices you can own and use for your business.


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Whether you’re a business or simply a photography enthusiast, .camera provides a great namespace for your online presence. Professional photographers, photography equipment stores, and print shops can provide instant branding with .camera. You should consider it.

As a link into the online world of digital photo sharing, album creating, and remote printing, .camera is a secure namespace tailored to photographers, print shops, families, and camera accessory stores, but it also has plenty to offer to photo enthusiasts, album hosts, and anyone who offers advice on how to get good shots. It’s estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world have digital cameras – Facebook and Flickr alone see a combined 6 billion photo uploads a month.


In a similar manner, .photos extension is perfect for studios, art galleries, professionals, budding hobbyists, and aspiring amateurs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with a .photos domain name, you’ll say it all with just one. Think about it. .photos has no registration restrictions related to the photography industry, which means even if you’re just starting out, this extension is the right one for you. Anyone can be a photographer these days you know, thanks to smartphones, Instagram, and other photo-related technology. The .photos domain offers a memorable namespace for sharing your photos and connecting with other photography enthusiasts.


It’s up to you to decide whether to would go for a .photos or a .photography but with either, you can create an easy-to-find webpage for sharing your favourite photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a photo studio, a print shop, or simply a photography enthusiast, a .photography domain is perfect for your photography pursuits, just like .photos.

One good thing about .photography domains is that they are very similar and all serve almost the same purpose. What that means is that as a photography enthusiast, for example, if you don’t have a preference for .photos or .photography domain name, you can always go for .pictures. This is a great domain extension for photographers, web designers, visual artists, or simply for photography hobbyists. Know that anyone who sees a .pictures domain name will know to expect photos and other visual media when they visit your website.


With the ability to easily start blogs and websites, and participate in portfolio, gallery, and photo sharing services, galleries have become a digital commodity. You can bring your gallery online with a .gallery domain name. Just like the other domain names we’ve mentioned, .gallery provides an ideal destination for artists, photographers, designers, students, and families to post their art online. It creates a branding opportunity that resonates with art enthusiasts and makes it easy to promote your work. .gallery domains can be registered by any user for any purpose.


Nonetheless, if you are a design studio, fitness studio, offer salon services, or rent studio apartments, .studio is everything you’ve been waiting for. With endless possibilities, the .studio domain can give you or your business an edge with a URL that is fun and memorable. Workspaces like design or fitness studios or salons can create a high-end and exclusive image conveyed by a .studio domain. Did you know that apartment complexes or studio spaces can connect with tenants by using a prime keyword in their website’s URL? As a photo studio owner thinking of a new domain name to register for your business, you need not stress much, just register


Finally, If you’re an artist or designer, think .graphics. Graphics are an important attention-getter in the digital age, and every webpage, video, digital marketing tool, app, or logo has one. .graphics provides individualized domain names that are easier to remember and enable more productive networking and marketing. A .graphics domain name is the perfect online home for your work. You can use .graphics for your portfolio website or draw potential clients to your freelance business. As a New TLD, .graphics has great availability. There’s a good chance or is available.

In all, whatever there’s a domain name for every artiste out there.

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