Some domain ideas for home and construction websites

Some Domain Name ideas for Home & Construction websites

New technology is continuing to change the construction site, improve the ability to win projects, and increase profit margins. Trends and movements are changing the roles of industry professionals and frontline workers. One notable trend is the influx of new domain extensions into the construction industry. As a result, builders, contractors, plumbers, and generally, construction entrepreneurs need not stress much when trying to pick an SEO-friendly domain name for their business.

For builders, it is quite straight forward. All you need to do is register a .builders domain. With this industry-specific domain, you can create a credible, easily identifiable online destination for your businesses. A .builders domain helps your business stand out from competitors. It instantly brands your website as building or construction-focused.

Construction workers are not excluded either, as there’s a specific domain name tailored to suit their needs. .construction domains are ideal for the promotion and marketing of construction services. They can also be useful for networking, communication, and planning in the construction industry. This is highly recommended for construction workers. Even real estate agents, plumbers, masons, painters, and other industries involved in the construction industry can benefit from a .construction domain.

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In a similar manner, if you’re in business on your own, .contractors is perfect for you. It’s a professional, credible TLD for everyone from building contractors to freelance creative professionals. Do you know that you can land your next client with .contractors? This domain name makes it clear that you’re an individual or organization that provides materials, labor, or services. Builders, subcontractors, masons, consultants, and anyone else who works on a contract basis can make great use of .contractors.

When you hear of .plumbing, what comes to mind? Plumbers – right? That’s exactly how anyone who comes across this domain name feels, as it instantly communicates who you are and what you do. When customers don’t have a reliable referral for a plumber, they search online. It’s best to get a recognizable domain for your plumbing business. .plumbing is a new top-level domain name extension with great availability, so there’s a great chance you can get the exact domain you want.

Noteworthy, a .works domain can be used by all home and construction workers. .works is a generic domain that has a ton of different purposes. It all depends on how the word is used and defined. Your .works could refer to a city jobs board, a technical website about mechanical and electronic diagrams, or anything else that makes sense for the word “works.”

There’s also a specific domain for cleaning services: .cleaning. It is the perfect domain extension for businesses, individuals, and organizations that specialize in cleaning. Rather than creating a domain name with a generic extension like .COM or .NET, you can have a domain that directly relates to your products and services. What’s more? Any business that involves cleaning can benefit from a .cleaning domain: dry cleaners, car washes, dental hygienists, environmental cleanup groups, and more.

Are you a repairer? Think .repair. It’s the perfect online destination for businesses that focus on repairs. Whether it’s cars, computers, plumbing, electronics, or anything else that might need repair, a .repair domain name is relevant, brandable, and credible. Also, if your business name ends with “Repair,” a .repair domain name is particularly useful. You can register the matching domain name with no unnecessary words or characters.

That’s not all. There’s a New Domain extension that is tailored specifically to businesses looking to streamline inventory, purchasing and sales. It’s particularly useful for any business that has “Supply” in its name. It’s known as .supply. If you’re into the supply business and thinking of a domain name for your new website, make the right choice now.  Also, because .supply is a New Domain, there’s a great availability. You have a great chance of getting the exact domain you want. For example,

Quite similar to .supply is .supplies. If there’s an unavailability of a domain, you can always port to .supplies, because new domains like .supplies allow you to register a domain name that’s unique to your business or industry. On the other hand, if you already have a domain name for your supplies business, considering registering a .supplies domain to protect against trademark infringement.

There’s .glass, a domain name that is useful for any business or organization that focuses on glass repair, glass products, windows, and anything else related to glass. There’s also .tools, a domain extension is a perfect solution for tool manufacturers and retailers. Rather than settling for a generic domain, you can have an industry-specific domain that speaks directly to your target audience. Also, if your business’ name ends with “Parts,” your first choice should be a .parts domain name.

If you own a generic domain like a .COM, it doesn’t stop you from registering any of the above domain names.  These industry-specific domain names help with SEO and also protect against trademark infringement.

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