You too can express affection with a .LOVE Domain!

.LOVE is the dedicated domain extension for expressing all positive emotion.

.LOVE is the dedicated domain extension for expressing all positive emotion.

Valentine’s Day attracts some of the highest spendings in one day, across the world. People put an effort into celebrating love on the day. Love is a symbolic representation of a strong feeling of affection and warmness between two people or among a group of people. It is a feeling one expresses towards an individual or object. Express that love with a .LOVE Domain Name.

The ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day has evolved over time. Celebrating the day is not only about flowers, romantic dates and cards any more. Telling love stories online has become one of the trends in celebrating love, especially on Valentine’s Day.

.love is a domain extension that can help you tell your love story. The Top-Level Domain name (TLD) is more than a feeling. According to Bing Search Engine in 2016, the word LOVE is one of the most searched words, on computers, during Valentine’s Day. The domain can help individuals express their love online.

.Love for wedding planners

Wedding planners using a .love domain name could be easier for customers to identify online, to see their work and read reviews about the services. Many couples getting married have evolved from sending invitations the traditional way. They rely on online invitation platforms that monitor the wedding guest RSVPs and offers some other conveniences. The platform helps wedding planners to effectively execute roles prior to the wedding and after. Using a .love domain name for online wedding invitations, couldn’t be more perfect.

.Love for Couples

The domain extension helps romantic couples to tell their stories, not only about how they fell in love but also about how they show love, as a couple, to one another. It could also help the “True Dating Stories” Community to tell their stories online, prior to the event that is hosted by a group of people during Valentine’s day. True Dating Stories is a global movement that is celebrated during the days around Valentine’s.

.Love for Musicians and Artists

Musicians and artists can showcase their talent through expressing love by using the .love namespace, to be identified easily online. Fanbases and followers of artists can also express their affection online with a .love domain name.

.Love for Stories

Romance, classics, fantasy and thrillers are love story genres that have captured many people around the world. Popular and classic Love Stories should have a .love domain. February is widely regarded as the month of love – especially Valentine’s Day. It becomes a busy time for some businesses. Visits to retail stores become much of an effort for customers. Online Stores themed around love, would attract customers easier when using a .love domain.

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