Some Travel & Geography domain ideas for airlines and travel agencies

Some Travel & Geography domain ideas for airlines and travel agencies

Travel enlightens the mind and lifts the spirit. No big surprise it’s of such a prominent interest far and wide. Indeed, even in the time of virtual correspondence and online business, nothing improves both business and individual connections like eye-to-eye experiences. This article sheds some light on some travel & geography domain ideas available for airlines and travel agencies.

There is .TRAVEL domain, a domain dedicated to travel and tourism websites, and available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are also welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider. As an aviation entrepreneur or a travel agent, owning a .TRAVEL domain already sells your business for you, since it will always attract the right customers.

Just like.TRAVEL, .TOURS can be used for tourist services, local attractions, or for bands embarking on a series of concerts. No matter where it takes you, the .TOURS domain adds a sense of adventure to your website. You should consider this too, depending on the kind of services that you’re offering. Whether it is a voyage halfway across the continent or a stroll through a familiar area, tours offer the opportunity to experience new and exciting things. You can encourage tourists to visit local destinations with improved search results from the .TOURS domain. It’s that easy.

Similar to .TRAVEL and .TOURS is .VOYAGE, a domain that could also be useful for travel agents, vacationers, or any other purpose that relates to travel and exploration.

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That’s not all, we have a domain dedicated for cruises and cruises-related businesses, and it’s called .CRUISES. It’s a domain that caters directly to cruises, cruise guests, and any related service. Millions of people have a vacation on cruises each year, generating billions of dollars of revenue across the globe. Since there are no restrictions on .CRUISES domain names and the domain can be used for any purpose, catering, furniture, live entertainment, mechanical work, travel agents, and marketers are among the businesses and services connected with the cruise industry can all take advantage of this .CRUISES domain name.

Furthermore, there’s a specific domain name for any individual, business, or organization that makes use of the word “guide,” known as .GUIDE. There are endless uses of the word “guide”— travel guides, guidebooks, product guides, spiritual or fitness guides, the list go on.  Creating relevant and memorable .GUIDE domain name is simple. Just add .GUIDE to a keyword, product, or any other applicable term.

.cruises domains

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There’s also .CITY, a geography domain with endless possibilities. With this domain, city governments or chambers of commerce could create sites for city events and gatherings. Businesses could also use .CITY to localize their marketing efforts. Fun fact: Many businesses use “City” as part of their name. If it’s applicable to your business idea, consider registering a .CITY instead of a generic domain name, as it’ll help create a more memorable and unique web presence.

If you offer taxi services, think .TAXI, a domain that allows you to create a professional image for your website.  A  domain-specific to your occupation, .TAXI can also improve search rankings by integrating a popular keyword into your website’s domain. You can create a highly professional website that customers will trust. What’s more? SEO can be positively impacted with a popular keyword directly in your web address.

You could also opt for .CAB instead of .TAXI, they serve very similar purposes. Booking for cab services is moving away from phone calls and toward online booking and the .CAB domain extension, there’s an ideal destination for your taxi company’s web site.

Nonetheless, if you offer more elaborate services, like limo services, a .LIMO domain extension is most suited for you, as it provides a credible, unique namespace for limo companies and related services. Interestingly, you could use .LIMO to create an online limo booking page, as the primary address for your service’s website, or as a domain hack, like “”

There’s a geography domain name that’s great for municipalities, governments, businesses, and any other entity that wants to associate itself with the word “town,” it’s known as .TOWN Whatever services you offer in the aviation and hospital industry, be rest assured that there’s an industry-specific domain name for you.

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