.asia domain registration gets easier

.asia is the top-level domain name system for the continent of Asia and the Pacific region. It was introduced in 2007. As of 2016, over 80% of .ASIA domain registrations (based on registrant contact) came from within Asia, led by China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The requirements for registering .asia domains are changing from 15th July 2017, making … Read More

.NG Domain Names: All You Need to Know about Nigeria’s Domain.

.NG Domain Names. All you need to know about Nigeria’s Domain.

Who Needs a .NG Domain Name? How to choose your .NG (Nigerian) domain name Making sense of .org.ng domain names Nigeria Internet Registration Association 5 Reasons .NG Domains have increased drastically in number since 2005 Web4Africa recognized as a leading .ng registrar by .ng registry Who Needs a .NG Domain Name? To understand who needs a .ng (pronounced dot ng) … Read More