Business Data Backup. Do you know how to?

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Businesses should understand the importance of backing up data. Believe it or not, more than 80% data of your business data is important as your electronic devices can malfunction at any given time. Losing important data while running a business is the last thing you want to experience.

There are different options for backing up your data. Which option do you use between On-Site and Off-Site data backup?

On-site data backup refers to storing data on a local storage device such as USBs, CDs, external hard drives and any other magnetic devices that are directly attached to the devices being referenced to. Off-site data backup, also known as remote backup refers to storing data remotely, using the internet to access your data. The remote location for storing the servers that store the data are called data centres.

Cloud is another option of data backup which uses networks to store your data instead of hardware. You need internet connectivity to access Cloud and Servers and data storage.

Hosting your backup at a data centre is a solution for your business. Web4Africa offers dedicated servers and virtual servers from data centres in 4 African countries.

Ways of backing up data on servers

There are various backup tools. It is important for the technical team to be aware of those tools. Especially the System Administrator who works with personal computers and enterprise-level data.

Backing up Your Linux Servers
Linux server backup allows for individual remote storage of files under it. The different types include the Linux Web Server Backups and Linux File Backups.
The Linux server backup has a checklist that can help assist the System Administrator officer while backing up the data. Hosting your website with Linux server will grant you the opportunity to back up your website data.

Backing up Your Windows Server
Windows Server feature provides you with data restoration and backing up for domain controllers. The volume of the data must be less than 2 terabytes. The Windows Server feature can store backups from other computer devices Windows Servers provide network services for other backup servers.

Backup with server configuration Panels like cPanel
Server configuration Panels like cPanels allows for a single archive. The feature allows you to download the backup of entire cPanel account including configuration files, SSL certificate, databases, emails accounts and other files.

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  1. I usually copy my files in two different hard disks, but yes, one can’t depend on offline mode itself. VPS is a good way to go I guess.

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