8 Reasons WordPress Hosting is better than regular Web Hosting

Why WordPress Hosting is better than regular Web Hosting

Making a choice between WordPress Hosting and the regular Web Hosting for your project may seem a bit confusing due to the features and pricing both plans offers. However, a WordPress specific plan is absolutely worth paying for.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is an open-source platform that powers millions of website around the globe. It is generally designed for all types of users, from skilled developers to those who have little or no experience. Due to its flexibility for customization and extended features, WordPress can be installed in all types of hosting environment. Although WordPress Hosting plans are more expensive than the regular Web Hosting plans that include WordPress options, it offers better support and security for all users.

What is regular Web Hosting

Regular Web hosting, on the other hand, is a form of shared hosting in which multiple sites share the same space on a single server owned and maintained by the hosting company. In this type of environment, a WordPress site is just like a type of site hosted on the shared server. Also, all sites on the server share the server’s memory and bandwidth, while providers of the web hosting plans are responsible for maintaining the server, keeping them updated and installing security features. However, because these sites co-exist, they might become vulnerable to security issues and malware.

WordPress Hosting As Better Alternative To The Regular Web Hosting

While the regular Web Hosting also provides support for WordPress, such support cannot be customized to meet the specific features of the WordPress platform, and it may not offer a better solution needed to maximize performance.

One unique feature of WordPress hosting options is that it takes into account all the specific features of WordPress so that WordPress users can find a Hosting plan to meet their need at every stage of site development.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting Over the regular Web Hosting


One of the biggest advantages of WordPress Hosting is that it provides hosting companies with predictability so that they can secure their servers against threats and cyber attack. Since WordPress Hosting Providers offers maintenances services for all their WordPress accounts at once, they can also secure all their servers running WordPress against threats, do bulk upgrades, apply security patches and also identify vulnerabilities across many accounts. However in a regular web hosting plan, just installing WordPress does not mean that you are secure, you still need to create a strong password and maintain popular plugins.

Bonus Software features

Most WordPress Hosting plans comes with lots of bundled software. This software’s may include premium themes, SSL certificates, CDN subscriptions, and plugins. However, these bundled services work well with WordPress Hosting plan because they are simple to install and come at an attractive price. For Instance, an SSL allows you to secure your site without third-party interference, with a CDN, you can speed up your site, while the theme collection subscription gives you access to different designs for free. However, with the regular Web Hosting, you can get these software and other bonus bundles for the price and selection you choose.

Customer Support

The primary reason why you should choose WordPress Hosting is that the Providers have support teams that are focused on a single area making them experts at what they do, they also provide 24 hours of comprehensive customer’s support to users. WordPress Hosting providers only deal with WordPress platform which means that they do not mess with Magento, Drupal or any other type of software. However, providers of regular web hosting plan will always assure you that their reps are well trained on technicalities associated with WordPress issues which may never be true.


Shared or private servers configured for WordPress can make your website worker faster. At present, almost all WordPress Hosting Providers make use of server configurations to speed up a website loading time. Others make use of built-in caching to boost speed. Using WordPress Hosting means that your account will share a server with WordPress installs which implies that the resource usage will be more predictable, the server configuration will be more specific, and upgrades will be done faster.


The major difference between a WordPress Hosting and the regular Web Hosting plans is that the hosting firms know what will run on each server which makes them able to configure the server and allocate resources for WordPress. A WordPress hosting can pre-configure some web technologies for quick setup. For instance, in using an SSL for WordPress, a hosting plan can provide a pre-configured setup, while a CDN can speed up content delivery all around the globe.

One-Click Staging Environments

After taking the time to build your website, you can’t afford to watch it go down; therefore you must always test new changes and updates on a development site. With a WordPress Web Hosting which includes one-click staging environment, you can clone your dev site with a single press of a button and push your changes to production from the dashboard. However, the regular web hosting testing involves a complex and time-consuming process of copying your site locally and figuring out how to migrate the changes back.

Global Reach and Highly Scalable

WordPress Hosting Providers also have larger infrastructure that is designed for global reach. Also, WordPress Hosting is highly scalable, unlike the regular web hosting where you have to upgrade to a higher plan when you outgrow your resources which might be time-consuming. With WordPress when you go over the pre-limit, you will be notified and upgraded without any intervention needed by you.


Another advantage of WordPress Hosting over the regular web hosting is that WordPress provides additional developer-friendly features which include SSH access, Git, Sequel Pro, HeidiSQL and Composer.

Finally, the benefits of choosing WordPress Hosting over the regular web hosting are enormous. Although WordPress Hosting is typically more expensive than the regular web hosting, you will definitely have peace of mind and be sure of a secured platform.

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  1. I’m thinking of moving to a wordpress hosting. But i have a question: can I host other CMS sites (e.g. Joomla) on it via addon domains?

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