5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for 2021

5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business

The year 2020 changed life in unprecedented ways with far-reaching effects on social interactions and business. If conducting business online wasn’t already on the rise, the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic made it the key to survival. With multiple lockdowns and re-openings, it has become clear that a digital-first approach is the only weather-proof way to stay in business. As … Read More

Some domain ideas for home and construction websites

Some Domain Name ideas for Home & Construction websites

New technology is continuing to change the construction site, improve the ability to win projects, and increase profit margins. Trends and movements are changing the roles of industry professionals and frontline workers. One notable trend is the influx of new domain extensions into the construction industry. As a result, builders, contractors, plumbers, and generally, construction entrepreneurs need not stress much … Read More

How to Use Social Listening To Grow Your Business

How to Use Social Listening To Grow Your Business

Over 2.5 billion people use social media platforms daily, posting various updates such as blogs, news, images, videos, memes, and more. According to HubSpot, around 4M posts go online every minute across major social channels. Now that’s a lot of content! If you are a growing (or stable) business, some of these posts might concern you. But the question is … Read More

How much does it cost to create and operate a successful online store?

How much does it cost to create and operate a successful online store?

Doing business online is becoming the new norm. Its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and its ability to save on time makes it the best option for most buyers. However, how much will it cost to run a successful online store? In all honesty, the amount you spend to start and run an online store depends on what your end goal … Read More

Create the perfect online fashion store with the best web address

Fashion-related domains are ideal for the fashion industry

Fashion constantly changes over time, and clothing allows you to choose from a large collection of different items, for both women and men. In the web hosting industry likewise, there is a host of domains to choose from. When choosing a domain name, however, it is important that you get it right. A good domain name gives your website improved … Read More

Great domain types for Photography

Perfect Domains for Photography

Dear graphic artists, photographers and photography entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, this article explains in detail, some domain name choices you can own and use for your business. Prices .camera Whether you’re a business or simply a photography enthusiast, .camera provides a great namespace for your online presence. Professional photographers, photography equipment stores, and print shops can provide instant branding with .camera. … Read More

10 Things to Double-Check when Building a Landing Page

A landing page is a web page that is created for a specific marketing campaign. When a user clicks on your online ads or social posts, they are taken to this page. The goal here is to optimize the conversion of visitors into customers and generate new leads. A well-designed landing page with a clear CTA (call to action) will … Read More

8 Reasons WordPress Hosting is better than regular Web Hosting

Why WordPress Hosting is better than regular Web Hosting

Making a choice between WordPress Hosting and the regular Web Hosting for your project may seem a bit confusing due to the features and pricing both plans offers. However, a WordPress specific plan is absolutely worth paying for. What is WordPress Hosting? WordPress is an open-source platform that powers millions of website around the globe. It is generally designed for … Read More

How a .STORE Domain can empower your eCommerce Business

How a .STORE Domain can empower your eCommerce Business

One of the dilemmas that eCommerce entrepreneurs often face is which domain name to register when they are about to launch their new product or service in the online space. This is one of those aspects of business development that should not be taken lightly, as your domain name can make or break the success of your business. One of … Read More