Why is your E-Commerce Website not Selling?

Why is my E-Commerce Website Not Selling?

Online selling is the mode that every business entrepreneur wants to practice. This is due to the simplicity and fast speed involved in conducting advertisement, sales, and other transactions. Nevertheless, you may wonder why your e-commerce site has not added any substantial value to your business. Having created a website and put all features in place, you definitely expect your business to blossom in a few weeks if not days. This is not always the case. This article has a compilation of some reasons that may cause your e-commerce site not to sell.

The products target the wrong market

People of all ages and walks of life access the Internet. For you to sell online, you need to clearly and thoroughly describe your target market since not every internet user will be your client. Targeting the wrong audience may be the reason your website is not making sales since you launched it. Now, all you need to do is specify your target to create clarity to potential customers.

It is lowly positioned on the SEO rank

With millions of business websites on the internet, the competition is definitely stiff as each is fighting its way to the top. Traffic could be the reason your website is not being accessed by users. To solve this, launch a Search Engine Optimization campaign that will put your website in a better position to be found. Accessibility is very important when it comes to e-commerce.

The website cosmetic appearance is bad

With the stiff competition in the market, you really need to work extra hard so that customers can find a reason for choosing your products over others. The layout and the physical appearance of your site matter a great deal. Uploading too much information may scare away potential customers. In addition, omitting some information may leave them unsatisfied. The pictures you post on your website must be appealing and display the real quality of your products. The site should also be designed in a professional way. User-friendliness is one key consideration that you should not forget when creating the site. Make it easy for customers to navigate through it and access all products and services. Check if you have missed any of these.

The website looks suspicious

There are lots of scammers on the internet operating in the name of businesses. You should give your customers a real reason to trust you. To do this, make sure your site looks professional. Include all previously satisfied customers’ testimonials to attract more. Ensure you also give contact details and a customer care channel through which customers may contact you. Lack of trust is a major reason that makes people shun some sites. An EV SSL Certificate also goes a long way to affirm trust considering it is the strongest evidence that the business behind a website is a valid legal entity.


Online selling is good. It is not, however, easy. You will have to sweat a bit before you make sales and earn some profit. You should make use of your website to advertise and get hold of prospective customers who may later turn into paying ones. Go through your site and identify if there are any reasons for it not selling. You can then work on finding suitable solutions to them so that your business can thrive in the highly competitive market.

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