8 actionable marketing tips for lead generation

Lead generation is of crucial importance to businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is a marketing tool by which you attract prospects and try to convert them into buyers. It’s an important part of the sales funnel and one of the primary means by which you attract new customers to your business.

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation is an important part of inbound marketing. If done well, it’ll get more client inquiries than ever before, and you’ll be able to cut down on sales outreach. It’s more valuable than cold outreach attempts because here you’re going after prospective clients who have engaged with your business and are more likely interested in what you’re offering.

So, to ensure you get this right, this article highlights 8 actionable tips that you can put into use today to better your lead generation strategy.

1. Master your content marketing

Writing good and relevant blog content is a great way to not just attract visitors to your site, but also increase the SERP rankings of your website. High-quality content helps your website visitors feel more confident about your company and also educates them about your industry. With content marketing, make sure your primary goal is to provide value to your customers. Each new blog post should provide some value to the reader and solve a problem.

2. Iterate your Paid Ads

To create good ads, you must first create a great buyer persona. Having that knowledge will help you create better, more relevant ads. Try experimenting with multiple ads for different personas. This will give you enough data to understand the kind of content, visuals, and design that works best for each persona. Use this data to streamline your paid ads for greater conversion rates.

3. Optimize your landing page

A landing page is vastly beneficial if you get it right. This is where the magic happens, and it can for you too. A well thought out design, a great domain name, and the right CTA can exponentially increase the number of leads you can generate.

For example, your users will be seeing the link to your landing page on social platforms, online ads, and other online advertising platforms. Therefore, the domain name can act as the perfect hook. Instead of going for something long such as www.mybusiness.com/productcategory/productname, you can go for something simple such as newcoffee.store/vanilla. New domain extensions such as .TECH, .SITE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .PRESS, etc allow you to have keyword-rich and descriptive domain names that help make the landing page look credible.

4. Send engaging emails

Email marketing and newsletters are still the best way to reach customers and generate revenue. In light of this, it is wise to focus some time on optimizing your emails as well. Make sure you keep them short and meaningful. Try to not always be promotional with your messages. Share useful information every now and then to keep your users engaged.

5. Get good with retargeting

A subset of targeted advertising, retargeting works by showing your brand and website to people who have previously visited your site. Retargeting increases the likelihood of further engaging them and encouraging them to avail of your services or buy your product. A very few percentages of first-time visitors will ever make a purchase. Thus, retargeted ads are a great way to create returning customers.

6. Be consistent on social media

People often make impulse purchases. So, if you’re a B2C business, social channels are great because they have quick and easy links for people to go ahead and make purchases. Even otherwise, it is a useful channel to convey more information about your brand and your product. Link out to your own website or create engaging content that stays within the social app – either way, you are creating brand recognition for yourself, and people will often turn into active prospects from casual viewers.

7. Offer free or discounted trials

This works equally well for first-timers to the site or for retargeted groups. You can test it out and see what group converts best with this tip, as it will vary by industry as well as each individual company. This is a good incentive for people who may just need a little push to go ahead with your offerings. If you have a freemium model, keep it at the forefront of your campaigns and website layout.

8. Incentivize your referrals

Referrals have always been a wonderful way to spread the word. If your customers like your offerings, they are likely to share it with friends and family. So why not incentivize them to do so? Offer a discount, gift card, extended free trial, a higher-priced product at a lower price point. If they were going to refer you anyway, they’ll be happy that your company cares about, and rewards, loyal customers. If they weren’t going to refer, now they might.


Lead generation and inbound marketing, as a whole, are valuable for a company at any stage. The above points may be a slow process, with repeated tests and experiments, but they are definitely worth it. You will slowly start to see that it does make a difference. Be patient and keep improving, and you’ll start seeing real results.

Alisha Shibli

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .STORE and .TECH. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

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