.TECH Domain is 2!

Web4Africa joins the .tech registry to celebrate it’s 2nd Launch Anniversary today!

With 250,000+ registrations and brands like Viacom, CES and TNW using their .tech, .tech has rapidly established itself as the defacto TLD of the tech industry.

Apart from registrations, .tech has been in the trenches and has been working very closely with the tech community – startups, incubators, hackathons, influencers, conferences and more!

.TECH Domain is 2!

.TECH Domain is 2!

Here is a snapshot of the .TECH journey:

  • Hackathons: .TECH has participated and sponsored 150+ of the best hackathons globally, that reached 30,000 students across 20 countries
  • Programming Schools: It has also partnered with 10+ Programming Schools with a reach of 200k+ students globally. Some of the schools such as CoderDojo run up to 1500 dojos across 69 countries
  • Startups & More: .TECH has emerged as the top online destination for emerging startups with 7000+ Startups. One of them, sourced.tech, from Spain also raised $6 million in a Series A funding round

The linked PDF contains an infographic with much more details.

Web4Africa is an Accredited .TECH Registrar and is currently offering .TECH Domains at $5 for the first year, till 31st October 2017.

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