5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for 2021

5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business

The year 2020 changed life in unprecedented ways with far-reaching effects on social interactions and business. If conducting business online wasn’t already on the rise, the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic made it the key to survival. With multiple lockdowns and re-openings, it has become clear that a digital-first approach is the only weather-proof way to stay in business. As … Read More

7 Steps to Fix Broken Links on Your Website

7 Steps to Fix Broken Links on Your Website

Broken links or dead links are web pages that are no longer functional. There are various causes for broken links that could lead to those dreadful 404 errors. Imagine your prospects clicking on a link or a blog post to know more about a product or a service, and as they are getting closer to a purchase, they get deterred … Read More

Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

As an online entrepreneur with a business website, low speed can affect the bottom-line. Very few people are patient enough to wait for it to load – if it takes too long. For this reason, only a few people will be able to access your website and read the information uploaded on it. For an e-commerce store to sell, your … Read More

Social Media or a Website. What is best for your Business?

A domain name allows you connect a custom address to your social media presence.

Small business owners who are just starting out often times have to decide between a full-fledged website and a social media presence, in promoting their new business venture. The video below produced by Verisign illustrates why both choices do not have to be necessarily mutually exclusive. In recent years, social media networks have become one of the most popular and … Read More

What amount of Web Hosting space is right for me?

Web4Africa Web Hosting

One question we often face from prospective web hosting customers after they have gone through our web hosting plans are similar to: “so which web hosting plan is right for me?” While there is no direct answer to this question, a few indicators can serve as a guide for you to choose the right web hosting plan. Type of website … Read More

How To Keep Your Web Hosting account secured

Computer / Network security

There has been a lot of malware attacks on hosting accounts recently and it is critical at this point for us to educate our web hosting clients and the general public. It is very important to keep your installed scripts (like WordPress, Drupal, OS Commerce etc) updated regularly. From a recent post by WordPress’ development team: How to Keep WordPress … Read More