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What are Premium Domain Names?

These are domain names with higher market value than the regular pricing for names in their category. They can either be designated as Premium by their respective registries or derive their status from market forces. Either way, they generally offer better value.

Premium Domains

Why Premium?

There are many reasons to go the premium route. The most obvious is that they help a brand to stand out from the crowd of competition in a particular business niche. Why they tend to be costlier, their added value can outweigh the price paid.


There are two main types of premium names:

Registry Premium
these are mostly associated with domains under new gTLDs. Some examples are listed below:


These types of domains are available from Web4Africa. You simply need to make use of our domain name search form.

Aftermarket Premium
These are domains registered and listed for sales by the current registrants (domain owners). These are currently not available at Web4Africa.


Better Search Engine results
Short Domains can attract higher click-through rates on search engine result pages due to curiosity and that can, in turn, increase their ranking even further.

Better marketing
A short and simple domain name is easier to use in radio and TV ads. There is no complicated name that has to be repeated, in other for it to stick to your audience's hearts and mind.



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Accredited Domain Registrar

Accredited Registrar

Web4Africa is an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar certified to offer domain names.


Are premium domain names worth it?
Absolutely, yes. When used correctly, they offer enough value to cover their cost.

Why are premium domain names so expensive?
Not all premium domains are expensive. Their prices range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Where can I buy premium domains?
They are available from Web4Africa.

Why are some domains premium?
The short answer is "market forces". The domain industry is very robust and dynamic leading the market developing for domains that attract a relatively higher valuation.

Who sets domain name prices?
Many factors go into the determination of a domain price. The registry, registrar, ICANN fees etc are all components that go into domain name pricing.

Can you buy the domain name forever?
No. You can only buy a domain name and renew for a maximum of 5 or 10 years, depending on the policy of the specific domain registry.

Does Web4Africa buy domains?

What is the most expensive domain name? was an aftermarket premium domain reported sold for $49.7 million. This is so far the highest amount a domain has been sold for.