.RW is the domain for Rwanda

.rw is the country-code top-level domain name of the country Rwanda. In essence, it is the best domain ending for targeting Rwanda.

There are multiple types of .RW domain name extensions (like .rw, .co.rw, .net.rw, .org.rw) and prices start from $12 to $318 depending on multiple factors - including your location.

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.RW is for Rwanda


about .RW

.rw is an excellent domain extension for targetting the Rwandan audience and marketplace. Depending on your use-case, there are multiple .rw domain extensions you can deploy for your website or email. These are:

  • .rw - general for all things Rwandan
  • .co.rw - commercial entities
  • .net.rw - for network infrastructure and providers
  • .org.rw - for miscellaneous organizations


  • Registration: $316
  • Transfer: $316
  • Renewal: $316
  • Redemption: $316

.RW Registration

You may register multiple .rw domains by choosing any of the extensions below:



  • DNS Management
Manage advanced aspects of the domain including A, AAAA, MX, TXT and other DNS records - with ease.
  • Domain Forwarding
Where necessary, you can choose to have traffic to your domain forwarded to another web address.
  • WHOIS Privacy
This optional feature allows the private contact details of the domain owner to be hidden from the public WHOIS record.


TLDMinimumMaximumSpecial charactersDuration (years)Privacy ProtectionDNSSECRenewal Grace periodRedemption Grace periodDeletion periodDomain LockingEPP CodeNotes
.rw363Not supported10SupportedSupported40 days30 days5yesyes


You can lookup the public records of any .NA domain name by making use of our .rw WHOIS Lookup Tool.

Accredited .RW Registrar

Accredited .RW Registrar

Web4Africa is a RICTA Accredited Domain Registrar certified to offer .RW domain names.

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