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A .ink domain is great for publishers, bloggers, printers, and tattooists alike.

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About .ink domain

.ink domain names

The word “ink” is a ubiquitous American slang term that has pervaded popular culture here and abroad, such as in the reality T.V. Shows “Ink Masters”, “Miami Ink”, and “London Ink.” A .ink domain name will establish an artist or shop as a trendsetter both in a technical sense and as a branding and messaging leader.

Ink-centric industries have seen their revenues buoyed by exploding developing markets and consistent global interest in the physical collateral. .Ink domain names are an intuitive new step to the process as customers shop online for the best deals on cartridges, and as printer companies facilitate projects exclusively through their online stores.

Publication in the 21st century is evolving, and now often skips the physical ink, paper, and print. We invite bloggers to put their “ink” on a .ink page, thereby making a creative and romantic connection to the important lifeblood of art and writing. Many boutique publishers and small-press publishers continue to put ink to the page and we’re excited to see them utilize a .ink domain to reach their next class of published literary stars.

The .ink domain is different and compelling. It is 3 letters, and therefore follows in the tradition of .com, .org, and .net; but it is also highly unique and quirky. The term evokes artistry, whether it be tattoo artists, illustrators, drawers, painters, writers, bloggers, or those that facilitate artistic production such as ink manufacturers and publishers. It will add a unique voice and angle to any online presence and help the person or company define themselves as inventive.


TLDMinimumMaximumSpecial charactersDuration (years)Privacy ProtectionDNSSECRenewal Grace periodRedemption Grace periodDeletion periodDomain LockingEPP CodeNotes
.ink363Supported10SupportedSupported36 days30 days5yesyes
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