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The new .BID domain name creates an online environment where buyers and sellers can rapidly locate the auction in which they wish to participate.
.bid domains are for auction houses, global, national or local marketplace sites, bidding clubs, auction forums, anybody looking to sell anything online.

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Manage advanced aspects of the .bid domain including A, AAAA, MX, TXT and other DNS records - with ease.
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Where necessary, you can choose to have traffic to your .bid domain forwarded to another web address.
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This optional feature allows the private contact details of the .bid domain owner to be hidden from the public WHOIS record.

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about .bid domain

.BID is undoubtedly the TLD of choice for online auctions and market place sites online. An intuitive generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name makes .BID distinguishable from the broad auction-related content found across the Internet, and there are clear benefits to auctioneers, buyers and sellers.

.BID Top Level Domain (TLD) owners include a spectrum of online auctioneers running various types of auctions from English auctions to penny auctions, across a range of general markets and niche genres, and more traditional auction houses wishing to strengthen their online identity.
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Add a new dimension to your business and create a bidding war for your products with a .BID domain.

.BID is the new top level domain name to be used to buy, sell or bid on anything on the Internet. Whether it’s a bid on a new contract, or you have a contract you would like someone to bid on. Whether you have a car or a house to sell, or even if it’s just excess stock – what could be more intuitive than a web address which instructs your visitors exactly what they need to do when they visit your website

.BID domain name creates an online environment where buyers and sellers can rapidly locate the auction in which they wish to participate. Those wishing to sell their products are no longer tied to the large auction websites to tap into a ready customer base but can create their own, safe in the knowledge that their auctions are easy to find through the familiar .BID domain extension. A .BID domain name provides a convenient, trusted name anchor that stands out from the competition, and prospective bidders will be drawn to it by its clear message and the fact that they can trade with confidence in a dedicated namespace.

The use of .BID improves online searches dramatically as global buyers and sellers are more easily able to identify the content of relevance to them, which in turn drives website traffic increasing trade and enhancing the auction process.

TLDMinimumMaximumSpecial charactersDuration (years)Privacy ProtectionDNSSECRenewal Grace periodRedemption Grace periodDeletion periodDomain LockingEPP CodeNotes
.bid363Not supported10SupportedSupported40 days30 days5yesyes
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You can lookup the public records of any .bid domain name by making use of our .bid WHOIS Lookup Tool.

Accredited .BID Registrar

Accredited .BID Registrar

Web4Africa is an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar and is certified to offer .bid domain names.
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