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Dear Customers,
I am using this opportunity to address the issue regarding our windows mail server. I intend to explain what has happened, what would happen, and measures we have taken for it not to repeat itself.

On Saturday the 16th of August, we upgraded our smartermail software which promised more features and better security.

We did this, with the backing up of our data using the windows backup feature which turned out unreliable.

The new upgrade of the software somehow corrupted the mail database, and structure, and we had to re-install the whole software to ensure that you don’t lose new mails.

We re-installed the software, because we weren’t sure how long it would take to rectify the issue. Re-installation ensures that the mail server was back online in reasonable time.

We accessed our backup and it seemed that windows did not backup the files correctly and hence the files became corrupted too.

So what does this mean?
This means that some clients on the windows server, not all, might lose their emails and have problem accessing their email account from smartermail. If you are having problem accessing your email account with your old password, kindly send us an email, and we would try to recover the email users.

What measures have we taken?
We are introducing a product named Evault, a remote backup solution under our E-mail package for clients on windows hosting with the subscription of the service.

We are also introducing yet another backup mail server that is mirrored to the primary server, known as a smarthost. This would be ready this weekend. What the smarthost server does is, it allows one SmarterMail server to accept mail for another SmarterMail server, and hence this would be used as a backup so that if the primary mail server goes down, the secondary server will accept mail for it until the server goes back online.

The smarterhost server would be located in a different location other than the first 2 server locations. This means we have 3 different backup solutions to safeguard your emails.

What is this Evault solution?
EVault is the industry leading provider of secure, reliable and easy-to-use online backup and recovery solutions. Online backup is simply defined as the scheduled movement of “point-in-time” snapshots of data across a network to a remote location. EVault’s solution has significant advantages over traditional backup software:

* Backup data is sent off-site immediately
* Backup windows are reduced
* Tape management issues are eliminated
* Restores of files and folders are user-initiated and lightning fast
* Costs associated with distributed backups are minimized

Our windows server is located in Dallas, and the Evault server is located at Washington. Our datacenter has integrated EVault into our windows server, and the backups would be done on a daily basis using its industry-leading automated services.

Is there a possibility of data corruption as the previous case?
No, this is because this solution was specifically built for backups, and the technology that ensures the data integrity is intact after backup.

Also with this we can assure a 100% uptime to your mailservers, which means this is the end of email delivery unreliability.

How much does it cost?
We would be charging 1500 naira per year for new clients and 1000 Naira for old clients?

How do I order?
Kindly order with your new package or send a mail to our sales department and we would issue you an invoice for the email protection plan.

Are we liable for the lost of your data?
No we are not, by default, we assume customers have a way to backup their emails, because we only host the service and we are not a backup provider We do backup for the sake of courtesy and ensuring we deliver the service featured.

You agreed to our terms of service when you were making the order for your hosting package which protects us from the liability of loosing your data.

Our term of service says “Nairahost does not provide backup solutions, as the available solutions have been deemed unfavorable by our system administrators. Therefore, we recommend you backup your data daily to a local hard drive or you subscribe for the auto-backup feature. Because of the previous statement, Nairahost is not responsible for the loss of your data”

This is a hosting provider standard, you would hardly come across any web hosting provider that would assure you that they can 100% percent protect all your data from loss or damage.

Are You are having problem accessing an account with your login details?
Kindly open a ticket with the domain name and we would look into it.
Once again thank you for being a loyal customer.

Nairahost Administrator,
Kayode Muyibi

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