Web4Africa is #1 Web Hosting Company in Ghana


Web4Africa is now Ghana’s number 1 web host, according to WebHosting.info

The ranking is based on the number of general Top-Level Domains (TLDs) been pointed to the nameservers of web hosts, worldwide. The general TLDs being covered are .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info and currently excludes other TLDs and Country-Code TLDs (cc-TLDs) like .uk, .in, .us of which Web4Africa hosts a sizeable number.

According to the data by WebHosting.info, Web4Africa has more than 15% of the Ghanaian market at the time of writing.

Web4Africa is Ghana's number web hosting company

A graph from webhosting.info showing Web4Africa’s ranking in Ghana as at 22nd August 2010

This goes to underscore the fact that Web4Africa is Ghana’s leading web host. This is not surprising since we offer world-class web hosting services, at affordable rates.

Website: www.web4africa.net

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