What equipment is required? 
You don’t have to own any equipment at all to set up a Web site. We can design a Web site for you, and host your Web site. However, it is better for you to be able to maintain an E-mail account in order to respond to those wishing to contact you. E-mail accounts are included with your web hosting.

How Much Will My Web Design Cost?
That is a tough question. Sort of like asking “How much does a car cost?”. The price will vary depending on your needs and site requirements e.g. the number of web site areas, e-commerce applications, forms, flash etc. Every business is unique and so are the needs for the design. We will provide you with a detailed quote after we speak with you and learn your requirements for the design and what you want the website to accomplish.

Will help and/or services be available in the future should I need it? 
Yes. Answering questions and giving direction is a free service of our company. We are in our offices ready to assist you during business hours. You will have technical or sales support from experts; all you have to do is contact us.

What about my graphics? 
We pay special attention to the size of the graphics before we put them on your site. A lot of time and preparation goes into the process. Images can add life and colour to your Web site, but they can also make your site ugly and hard to use. If a graphic provides helpful information, such as a map to your store or a picture of your products, then go ahead and include it on your site. Avoid elaborate background images or photos that simply take up space. Also, be careful not to use large images — most people still use dial-up modems to surf the Web, and they’ll go elsewhere if your graphics take too long to download.

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Do I Need Links on My Site? 
While you’re designing your Web site, think about the graphics and links you’d like to include. Hyperlinks are the “glue” of the Web — in addition to tying together your own site, they let you reference pages anywhere else on the Web. Good internal links can make or break a Web site; think of them as a road map that helps customers navigate your site without getting lost or confused, we make sure your links internal and external are working properly.

Why Should I Sketch My Site Out? 
Sit down and sketch a rough layout for your site. Begin with your home page — it’s the first thing a visitor to your Web site will see, and it should include your basic business information along with links to the other pages on your site. Then think about the rest of the site. Do you want to describe your products and services in detail? Should you include press releases and marketing information, or a list of references for your company? Think of your site as a pyramid, with second- and third-level pages branching out from your home page, and each level containing more specific information. Don’t get carried away, however; start with a few basic pages, and grow your site from there.

What information do you need to build a website for my business?
We need a scannable example of your company logo, and information about your business in the form of text. If you are not sure what to say about your business, we can help you. It’s best to start simply, so a general overview of your company suits the opening page of your website. We can go into more detail inside the site itself. A front page that consists of a huge slab of text can be a bit daunting to the first-time visitor – it’s best to get your basic message across in a clear, friendly manner. Typically, a main page that has your company logo at the top, and a colour scheme that reflects your corporate colours, will set a friendly, familiar theme for the website.

What if I’m not sure what to put on my website?
We can provide ideas and examples that complement the existing image of your business, and suggest a suitable layout and design theme, along with informative and logical content.

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“Our office does not have a scanner”
Just post us your letterhead with a nice company logo (or better yet, a bromide), along with staff photos, or whatever images you would like to appear on the site – we’ll scan them for your website and return them by mail. “If I prepare information on disk, what file types are acceptable?” For written material, a “Word” document, or a plain text file is fine – we re-format the text as required, so most word processing documents are acceptable. For images, the standard image types such as: .bmp .jpg. .tif .psd .gif and the like are all acceptable.

“What steps do I have to take to get my business online?”
Just simply send your business details – the who, why, what, and where about your business, then we begin to set out the website design and presentation to reflect your business image – you can review your new website online and we then perform a final edit if necessary.

How Long Will It Take To Design My Website?
This will vary depending on the requirements of the web site design and the number of projects we are currently undertaking. As an average, our turn around time is 2 – 4 weeks. It may be done within 1 week. It all depends on your needs and our workload. What we can tell you is that we will discuss and give you a time frame for completion on the start of the project. In actual design time the average non e-commerce web site with 8-10 pages takes approximately 26-50 hours of design time.

“Can you come and see me?”
The easier way to have your website built is to complete our easy online form. It asks all the questions we need to begin building your website. Complete it, send any other necessary information (images, logos, brochure etc.) by fax, post, or e-mail – and we do the rest!

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“How does traffic flow to my website?”
Traffic to your website can come from three areas: from a search engine listing, from any other website that yours is linked to, and from your own referral to the site. The best method is to promote your website quoting your website address on all stationery, include it all forms of advertising, have a vinyl sticker made for your office window, and the most powerful way of all – telling your clients and customers about it! A great way to tell your clients and customers your website address is to e-mail it to them – then they are only one click away!

I have a website created by another designer. Can Web4Africa take over the upkeep/maintenance on the website for us?
The answer is “maybe”. We need to discuss what technologies were used, if database work is involved etc. In general, a standard HTML website is something we can help you with but learning someone else’s code for databases may prove more difficult. Contact us and we will assess the situation.

What About Copyright And Ownership? Who Will Own The Website After It Is Designed?
Web4Africa usually places a copyright for the design and a copyright for the web site content at the bottom of every page of your web site. The web site design copyright is “Web4Africa” and the content copyright is “Your Business Name”. If you prefer not to have things this way then it is not a problem. We can place “Developed By Web4Africa” linked to our web site. If you want full copyright to the completed site we have no problem in doing so. All that we ask is that we be able to link your web site FROM our portfolio web site to show that we designed the site and show it off as our work.

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