5 Reasons .NG Domains have increased drastically

5 Reasons .NG Domains have increased drastically in number over the past 10 years. NiRA, the official registry for the .ng domain extension, recently announced that the number of domain names under .ng have exceeded 100,000. The recent boost further consolidates .NG’s position as the 2nd most popular domain extension in Africa*. .NG is the official top-level Domain Name for the … Read More

.ng registry reduces number of premium domains

.ng domain name

The .ng domain registry has just announced the number of premium (2nd-level .ng) domains have been reduced. The list of released premium domain names available to the public for registration at regular prices immediately: Released_Premium_Domain_Names_for_public 4×4.ng adultcartoons.ng anemia.ng 4x4trucks.ng adultmovies.ng angermanagement.ng abacus.ng aereo.ng anges.ng abexercise.ng aerialphotos.ng angle.ng aboard.ng aerolinea.ng angry.ng absolute.ng affidavit.ng anima.ng abstract.ng affiliateprogram.ng animalhospitals.ng abstractart.ng africanamerican.ng animalshelters.ng accademia.ng agricultural.ng … Read More

Web4Africa recognized as a leading .ng registrar by .ng registry

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Web4Africa, a premium-category NiRA accredited domain registrar, was awarded in the two categories of most consistent .ng domain registrars at the NiRA Registrar Forum held in Lagos Nigeria. Web4Africa came first in the most consistent on premium category. This category refers to the volume of 2nd-level .ng domains registered by Web4Africa in the year 2013. Web4Africa came second in the most … Read More

Nigeria Internet Registration Association

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This is an archived blog post about .ng domain name transition, from Nairahost Registering a Nigerian tld was quite cumbersome in the past, but it seems the end to the cumbersome and daunting process is coming with the certification and automated system, NIRA has in place, or would have in place. The system uses an Extensible Provisioning Protocol , which enables certified … Read More