5 Reasons .NG Domains have increased drastically

5 Reasons .NG Domains have increased drastically in number over the past 10 years.

NiRA, the official registry for the .ng domain extension, recently announced that the number of domain names under .ng have exceeded 100,000. The recent boost further consolidates .NG’s position as the 2nd most popular domain extension in Africa*.

.NG is the official top-level Domain Name for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has been managed by NiRA for about 11 years now. The registry operates a “3R” model where NiRA serves as the Registry, accredits Registrars to handle domain management on behalf of Registrants.

Top 5 Reasons behind the growth of .NG Domains

Top 5 Reasons behind the growth of .NG Domains

Registrar – Registry – Registrant (3R) Model
.NG has experienced a tremendous explosion ever since the “3R” model was introduced and a proper EPP registry system was implemented. With domain registration being mostly a commercial operation, registrars were naturally motivated to make profit and were thus aggressive with new domain registrations.

Large Market
It also helps that Nigeria is Africa’s largest population. With a youthful population of over 185 million people living in Nigeria as of November 2017 and an estimated Internet penetration of about 50%, growth was inevitable. .ng is intended for Nigerian websites. The strongest patronage is by Nigerians in Nigeria.

Steep competition among registrars has also meant that retail .ng registration prices have dropped over the years. New registrars often try to make a mark on the market by offering .ng domains at the lowest pricing possible, although some with higher renewal pricing. Many registrars also bundle 3rd-level .ng domains (like .com.ng and .org.ng) with their annual web hosting plans as “free domains”, thus increasing the number even further.

Foreign Exchange (forex)
Another factor that has driven the growth of .ng within Nigeria is the increase in the Naira pricing of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like .com, .org, .biz due to the drastic weakening of the Naira (Nigeria’s national currency) relative do the US Dollar. The prices of generic domains from most registrars within Nigeria suddenly doubled, while the prices of .ng domains naturally stayed same, or even reduced, in some cases.

Wide Adoption
An aggressive marketing and promotion drive of the .ng by the .ng registry and .ng registrars in Nigeria has meant that big well-known brands like Google Nigeria, Nigerian e-commerce websites like Jumia Nigeria, most tertiary academic institutions like the University of Ibadan, Federal and State Government and their parastatals have adopted .ng for their websites and email. This has, in turn, had a domino effect on other smaller entities to do same.

* .za leads with over 1,100,000 domains while .ke comes 3rd with just over 72,000 domains.

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  1. Great insightful article on .ng domain name. Registering .ng domain name also help in local SEO ranking and organic traffic. I recently notice a spike in ranking for websites with .ng extension on Google Map.

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