Making sense of domain names

.ng is the domain name system for Nigeria and is essentially a subset of .ng, targeted at not-for-profit organizations in Nigeria. The .org part of is derived from the English word “organization”. domain names are targetted at not-for-profit Nigerian organizations domain names are targetted at not-for-profit Nigerian organizations

The following types of entities are usually more suited for cultural institutions; associations; religious and civic organizations; open source software movements; environmental initiatives; social/fraternal organizations; health organizations; free legal services; clubs and community volunteer groups. Obviously, it is most appropriate that the entity be Nigerian, and/or located in Nigeria.

The is a semi-open domain name system. This implies that there are no strict limitations on who can register domain names. Anyone can apply from any country of the world. Do note however that, the domain registration should not be intended at fraud, deception or misrepresentation. The .ng registry also forbids obscene words from being registered.

Some popular domain names are listed below:

  • – Joint Admissions Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a body that organizes a unified tertiary marticulation examination in Nigeria.
  • – the domain name serves as the website address for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) e-Registration website.
  • – Osun State Ministry of Home Affairs, Culture and Tourism
  • – Kutashi Centre for Peace and Development, an NGO.

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