Who needs a dot ng (.ng) domain name?

To understand who needs a .ng (pronounced dot ng) domain name, we first need to clarify the purpose of .ng domains. .ng is the domain name system for Nigeria the same way .uk is to the United Kingdom and .za is to South Africa. The .ng domain name system is useful for anyone who wishes to set-up a website in Nigeria and/or for Nigerians.

The .ng domain name system aims to be world-class in several ways, by following the best practices of other leading domain registries around the world, and setting new standards as schemed by the stake-holders behind it in Nigeria.

The .ng domain system is split into different domain categories, depending on the purpose for which you intend to register a .ng domain name.

The first category of .ng domains are open to registration by just about anyone in the world. They are termed open domains.

  • .com.ng – can be registered by anyone for the purpose of setting-up a commercial website as is the convention with .com domains. Just like .com as well, people have registered .com.ng domains for other purposes outside commercial enterprises.
  • .org.ng – this .ng domain category is intended for non-profit organisations in Nigeria and is thus gaining popularity among NGOs in Nigeria who wish to have an online presence.
  • .mobi.ng and .name.ng are intended for websites designed to display perfectly on mobile devices and personal websites respectively. These two have not witnessed much use.

The other 4 types of .ng domain names are tightly restricted by the .ng registry in that they strictly enforce the rules surrounding them to ensure that only qualified entities register them, and for the right purpose too.

The closed domains are classified into:

  • .gov.ng – meant for Nigerian Federal, State and Local governments and their Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • .edu.ng – meant for Nigerian tertiary academic institutions including Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Agriculture etc.
  • .sch.ng – meant for Nigerian primary and secondary schools
  • .mil.ng – meant for The Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce and their institutions
  • .net.ng – for network providers

When setting-up a website that targets Nigeria, there could be no better way to do so by making use of a .ng domain name under the most relevant category as explained in this write-up. Whether you are setting-up a blog, a news website, an online directory or an e-commerce store targeted at Nigeria, you need a dot ng domain name.

To do so, you would want to choose Web4Africa as your .ng domain registrar. Web4Africa has accreditation from the .ng registry to register .ng domain names and is already one of the leading .ng registrars going by the thousands of .ng domains in our portfolio. Web4Africa offers you a control panel to easily manage every aspect of your domain name and even registers it for free when you buy web hosting for at least a year.

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