Domain Name Addons

Domain Name Addons

Register your domain name with Web4Africa and you can order for these optional domain name addons.


dns management

DNS Management

Take complete control of your DNS Records for your Domain Name. Our Advanced DNS Management service allows you to completely manage all Resource Records for your Domain Name directly. The Managed DNS Services includes:

  • Easy-to-use Web based Interface for DNS Management
  • Total Control over SOA, A, MX, CNAME, NS records and TTL
  • ZERO propagation delay for any additions or updates
  • Geographically distributed cluster of servers in world-class facilities geared to deliver 100% DNS uptime

Domain Forwarding

You can purchase Domain Forwarding Services, to forward your domain name to any destination. This can be very useful if you have a free hosting service or you have multiple domain names you wish to point to the same website.

  • Substitute your Free Hosting URL with – If your current URL is something like, you can simply buy a domain name for your company, and forward that domain name to your Free Hosting account. Buy Domain Forwarding Services today and make it easier for your Customers to access your website.
  • Point alternative URLs to – If you wish to point other URLs to your primary website, you can do so using Domain Forwarding. For instance you can buy Domain Forwarding for to point it to

domain forwarding

email forwading management

Email Forwarding

You can purchase Mail Forwarding Services, to forward email@YourDomainName to any destination. This can be very useful if you have a free email service or you have multiple domain names.

  • Give out Email Addresses at – If your current email address is, you can simply buy a domain name for your company, create accounts of the type and forward all mail to your hotmail address by buying a Mail Forwarding account.
  • Collect mail for multiple domain names in one account – If you have many domain names and you wish to collect email at all of them in one single account you can buy Email Forwarding for the remaining domain names

WHOIS Privacy with your Domain name*

You can now keep harvesters & spammers at bay because Web4Africa provides WHOIS Privacy with most domain names purchased through us. It costs only $6/year.

WHOIS Privacy is also known as:

  • ID Protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Domain Masking

* As per the respective Registries’ mandate, WHOIS Privacy cannot be used for .ASIA, .AU, .CA, .CN, .DE, .ES, .EU, .IN, .NG, .NL, .NZ, .PRO, .RU, .SX, .TEL, .UK, .US and .ZA domains.

email forwading management

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