Windows Mailserver Solution

An archived blog post from Nairahost Dear Customers, I am using this opportunity to address the issue regarding our windows mail server. I intend to explain what has happened, what would happen, and measures we have taken for it not to repeat… Read more

Premium .me domains for sale

The following premium .me domain names, perfect for blogs, resumes, and personal pages, are for sale: – can be used for websites related to Digital Satellite TeleVision – can be used for websites offering services from USA to… Read more

Why You Need to Update Your Business Blog

Having a blog for your business is as important to your business as any other functions. If you still have a doubt as to the reasons why you should have a blog, you may need to read my previous post on this issue. Blogging should be seen as part of… Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Blog


A large number of new blogs go online everyday. This explosive growth raises the question: Should you start a blog for your business? I believe you should as this becomes an effective marketing tool. Like any other marketing tool, blogs are most… Read more

WordPress 2.5 released


Wordpress after six months of hard-work by the WordPress community, has finally released the Wordpress version 2.5 stable edition. In a post by Matt titled 2.5 Sneak Peek, Matt says… The improvements in 2.5 are numerous, and almost entirely a… Read more

Google website listing in 1 day

Michael Jensen in his post “Google Indexing Sites in 1 Day Again” explained how he successfully listed his site in Google within 24 hours. 1) I created 5 pages of content (Home, FAQ, About Us, etc.). 2) I put them in a simple template with… Read more

The free domain price

Domain Names

This is an archived blog post by Nairahost… Over our three years in the web hosting and domain registration industry in Nigeria, we have been asked then and again with questions like this, “Why are you not giving out free domain names with your… Read more

Google’s web hosting profit

Cheapest Domain Registration in Nigeria

Google does not run a web hosting business, but according to Lew Moornan at Racklabs in his blog entry, Google’s Dangerous Trade, Google actually makes more profit on your hosting product through their Adwords business. In his post, he asserts… Read more