Announcing Web4Africa Nigeria

This is to announce Web4Africa Nigeria at the URL This website is essentially a subset of our International website and is targetted at the Nigerian market.


Web4Africa Nigeria will be offering world-class web hosting and fast domain name registration at very affordable prices, for residents of Nigeria. Web hosting has never been easier and cheaper, in Nigeria.

Prices on the website are displayed in Naira – Nigeria’s national currency. Billing is currently done securedly via We will soon install a separate billing platform for Nigeria.

Web4Africa Nigeria is also offering .ng domain registrations for web hosting clients and will soon also include reseller web hosting packages.

Web4Africa is one of the leading web hosting providers, in the entire West African sub-region and has been in business since 2002, offering professional web solutions at affordable rates.

3 Comments on “Announcing Web4Africa Nigeria”

  1. I am having problems with my current windows hosting plan. I usually get errors whenever i try to post data on a form to an access database. I spoke with some experts and they suggested that it is a permission problem but my current hosting company are very inexperience about setting read-write permission for my database folder so I intend opting out for web africa.

    I will need a windows hosting plan that support access database and the plan should allow the read-write permission to enable my web forms work correctly.


  2. hello, we are having difficulties with our website that say “suspended”. pls we will like to know what happened and how to resolve the issues and at same time we need details of our website because our last website manage died and we don’t have full access, we need full access. thank you

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