Our Network Infrastructure

Our Network Infrastructure

Web4Africa is a pan-African web hosting company with datacentre presence in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Web4Africa operates a multi-homed dual-stack IP network across 4 datacentres in Africa.

Key features:

  • 1Gbps network
  • Native IPv6
  • Open Peering Policy
  • Multiple Transit providers including global leader Hurricane Electric

Network POP locations

We host our servers and network equipment across world-class African datacentres.

  • Rack Africa, Accra, Ghana
  • RackCentre, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Hetzner Datacentre, Centurion, South Africa
  • Teraco, Isando, South Africa

Our IP network presence in Africa

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

We offer local hosting in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. We make use of our own networking equipment and maintain a dual-stack (IPv4 & IPv6) multi-homed autonomous IP network.


Cisco Networking

To power our hosting infrastructure, we make use of mainly Cisco network infrastructure at all our network Points-of-Presence. Cisco offers us best-in-class networking.

Extensive peering

We maintain an open peering policy and peer extensively on 3 of the busiest Internet Exchange Points in Africa:

NAP Africa Johannesburg

With over 200Gbps peak traffic, this is easily Africa's largest and busiest Internet Exchange Point (IXP). As of July 2017, it hosts over 250 autonomous IP networks. While we can access most of the 250 ASNs directly, we maintain bilateral peering sessions with dozens of the networks including: Hurricane Electric, Seacom, Liquid Telecommunications, RIPE, CloudFlare, Google, Verisign, Angola Cables, Boorwood, eNetworks, CapeConnect, JSDAAV etc.

Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX)

JINX is Africa's first Internet Exchange Point and among the 25 oldest IXPs globally that are still operative today. It is operated by INX-ZA, an autonomous arm of Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) South Africa and is still going strong with 85 actively peering networks as of July 2017. JINX is multisite. We peer on JINX from two datacentres. In addition to reaching most of the networks on the IXP directly, we maintain bilateral peering sessions with PCH, Netnod, Vox Telecom, CloudFlare, Hurricane Electric, Google, eNetworks, Afrinic, Seacom, Comtel etc.

Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) Lagos

West Africa's largest IXP has some 48 peering networks (as of July 2017). Being a IXP with a mandatory multilateral peering policy means we can reach all the active networks directly. These include ISPs, telecoms, carriers etc. They include Google, 21st Century, ipNX, MTN Nigeria, Tara Systems, Internet Solutions (Nigeria), Netcom Africa, Cobranet, Airtel Networks, KKON Technologies, Swift Networks, NiRA, Suburban Broadband, 9Mobile (formerly etisalat Nigeria), VDT Communications, Layer3, Globacom Ltd, SimbaNET, Swifttalk, Phase3, MainOne, Spectranet, Medallion, Dolphin Telecom, Smile Communications, Ekovolt and NATCOM (ntel).